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Boobie Brekkie Combo

Boobie Brekkie Combo

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3 x Packs of Boobie Brekkie
Boobie Brekkie Golden Flax with Apple & Cranberry (Bundled)   +AUD$0.00
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We are so excited to launch our new baby in our Boobie Brands product range. Compliment your supply of Boobie Bikkies with our new Dairy Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, Wheat Free and Vegan Friendly Toasted Muesli we call Boobie Brekkie®. Packed with Omega 3 and Fibre, Boobie Brekkie® is the perfect new addition to your breakfast routine – making it even easier for you to nourish yourself while you nourish your baby.

Dairy Free      Yeast Free       Wheat Free       Sulphate Free     Vegan Friendly

Mama, you are doing an amazing job! You have grown your beautiful baby, given birth and now you are nourishing your precious little one through breastfeeding. As you hold, love and gaze at your beautiful baby, you are passing on essential nutrients and immune factors through your milk. Your own well-being matters too, and we want to support you. There are nutrients that have a significant impact on your own health, postnatal recovery and breastfeeding such as iron, zinc and Omega 3 Fatty acids. They can easily be obtained through eating a nutritious breakfast.

Created by the renowned and respected International Lactation Expert – Pinky McKay, alongside a team of nutrition professionals, Boobie Brekkie®, our delicious all natural, toasted muesli is packed with essential nutrients that are important for postnatal recovery and a healthy milk supply. Boobie Brekkie is intentionally made as close to nature as possible. We use only all natural, whole food ingredients with no artificial preservatives or additives. Boobie Brekkie® is dairy, wheat, egg, yeast and sulphate free, vegan and rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are important for your baby’s brain development and your own wellbeing. As your baby is exposed to foods through your own breastmilk, with Boobie Brekkie®, you can be sure that whilst you are nourishing your own body, you are also providing your baby with the purest delight of all.

Remember, you cannot fill from an empty cup, compliment your supply of Boobie Bikkies® with our new Boobie Brekkie® - the perfect new addition to your breakfast routine – making it even easier for you to nourish yourself while you nourish your baby.

This product is Halal friendly (not certified).

Our Boobie Brekkie® is a mix of whole oats, coconut flakes, sunflower, pumpkin and golden flax seeds toasted in coconut oil and rice malt syrup flavoured with cranberry, apple and vanilla

INTERESTING FACT: Our Brekkie is packed with flaxseed providing you with a good source of Omega 3 which is particularly important for your baby's brain development. In addition, with a gorgeous vanilla aroma your baby will love it too. Studies have shown that babies suckle longer and obtain more milk when milk is vanilla flavoured*.

How long do they last?

We don’t use any preservatives in our foods. Our Boobie Brekkie® comes in a 480g zip locked bag and can be resealed. Best before date is 12 months from date of baking. Please store this product in a cool place to maintain optimal freshness.

Please read below for the full ingredient listing and more about why Boobie Brekkie® are your perfect accompaniment while breastfeeding

* Mennella JA. Mothers milk: a medium for early flavour experiences.J.Hum Lact 


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