"I got some Boobie Bikkies samples to try before I buy, I got all the flavours you offer. They taste great! I had a friend recommend them to me a little while ago as I had loads of breast feeding issues with my sons both times and had a post partum haemorrhage with my daughter 3 weeks ago so my supply was at risk.The past few days I felt like my supply had dropped and that I wasn’t keeping up the way I should be. Had one. Just one bikkie with my morning coffee yesterday and within a few hours my breasts felt wayyyyy fuller than they usually do! I’m so impressed! I had one this morning as I did with the one I tried yesterday and already I’m having the same result! I’m getting confident that my supply is already being boosted by these and can’t recommend them to other breast feeding mums enough! Also want to point out that the ebook I got with loads of info was extremely helpful!!! You’re amazing Pinky, I will be buying some packs this week!!" JJ Miller.