Hi Boobie Bikkies..., id like to say a big THANK-YOU to you guys for your yummy bikkies. My little one was too little to bring milk down well for a feed, she would be so worn out trying that she would just give up. I started expressing for her and dad was feeding her through a bottle (also, having 3 other little ones just not enough hands too). I was starting to worry as i was unable to bulk any expressed milk up for my little one. I then had to do something instead of giving up.

I tried Boobie Bikkies (vanilla flavour), they were soo yummy. I've now been on them for 5 days, having 3 of them for the first 3 days to now 2 a day, my progress on my milk is amazing! Its gone up soo much and the only thing i have done differently with my diet is 2/3 Boobie bikkies a day. I now can express 220mls in mornings and 150mls over the day