Thank you boobie bikkies!

My daughter came over a month early, and my milk supply was amazing at the beginning but my daughter was tube fed for the first week, so I was expressing only twice a day, no one had told me I needed to keep up the expressing to establish my milk.

We bought her home and for the first few days breastfeeding was going amazingly, but as she grows she needs more milk and noticed I had enough to stop her screaming but not enough milk to fill her tummy, so I had to either use my EBM milk or if I didn't have any I'd have to use formula as much as I hated it.

Just after 1 day and 2 boobie bikkies I'm leaking out of one breast as I breastfeed and my daughter is dead to the world asleep with a very full belly. So grateful I can continue this breastfeeding journey with my daughter. Thank you so much!! - Kirsty