Early July, my dog had a litter of puppies, after 3 weeks her milk dried up. I was freaking out as I was thinking I was gonna have to hand feed 7 puppies. My best friend had a baby not long before hand, and had to use Boobie Bikkies for her production. I decided that it was worth a shot, so got some bikkies and fed them to my dog.

Within 24-36 hours, she could feed the puppies for 30 minutes or so, before the bikkies as soon as one of the pups started to try and feed my girl would be out of the pen on a flash cause it was hurting her. 2 bikkies once a day, or more when the pups got bigger, and she could feed her babies until they left for their new homes. Boobie bikkies even help the non-human mums!!