"From 20mls without "Boobie Bikkies" to 150mls after eating this fantastic product!

Not to mention Baby is far more settled when fed "Mummy’s Milk" over formula and also "Mummy’s Milk" is just so much better for Babies tummy. My little princess’ name is Elizabeth Sarah Anne and she’s thriving during the days and sleeps well at night which is also another added bonus for giving baby breast milk.

My other two pregnancies I just could not produce enough milk so "Boobie Bikkies" has been a great success story for me and Elizabeth and to top it all off particularly your vanilla Bikkies are just so yummy to eat, I find it hard to eat just one at a time..lol. Thanks Pinky and your team for such a fantastic product that allows me to give only the best to my new mini me. " Belinda Anne