One of the best products I have come across.

I found out about Boobie Bikkies a few months before I gave birth and ordered 3 months stock worth. I combined the biscuits with a Nursing Tea and the supply was unreal. I felt like a COW, constantly feeding, pumping and storing endless supply of breastmilk. I wish I knew about donating breastmilk back then (4years ago).

I continued using the Biscuits up until she was 3 years old and then we stopped with breastfeeding. I was so fortunate enough to have milk supply and to have fed her for 3 years. A lot of ups and downs, moved 3 states happened in between but THANK GOD my supply never dried up. I swear by these babies so much, that every friend that gives birth i added it as a gift :) Cannot wait to use it again Sandra