At only 4 days old my little man was rushed to hospital... this is the time when I should have been trying to build a supply, except with all the stress of him being terribly sick and not feeding regularly I found it was dropping dramatically. I had told a girlfriend that night about how they were talking about me trying medication to increase my supply and I had explained to her that surely there was a natural way to build my supply back up. Sure enough the next day a present had arrived at the ward for me amongst the items were Boobie Bikkies... orange and cinnamon to be exact! Thinking what have I got to lose, I opened one and devoured it.. Declan was scheduled to be woken in two hours time for his feed. I decided to wait an hour and then try my luck on the pump!!

Holy mother of Mary!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! There in the bottle in front of me from just one boob was 60mls. I would be lucky if I got 70mls from both boobs before this. Eats one cookies becomes a goddess of flowing milk, imagine if I eat two I thought to myself!!

I was so impressed I had my partner rush out and grab me serval more boxes including the vanilla bikkies as well as the coconut date seed ones!! With every day that passed I was able to pump more and more, so much that I was able to freeze some!!! I’m happy to report we are now finally home and doing so much better!! I want to thank you Pinky for your biscuits they truly helped me in a time of need and helped me avoid having to using medication to establish my breast feeding journey!