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Natural and organic foods created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert – Pinky McKay, to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby.



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  • I had a 28 +2 baby boy 12 days ago via emergency c-section., by the time he was 7 days old I could fill a 150ml bottle! The NICU staff are so happy!
  • After 7 weeks in the NICU (and many lonely nights pumping for me), my now 34 weeker had his first breast feed today. Boobie Bikkies and cereal did exactly what I needed it to - helped maintain my m...
  • The first time I had your Boobie Brekkie cereal, within 30 minutes I felt a tingling sensation and expressed, my milk supply had more than doubled! It went from 40ml—>100ml.
  • I've struggled with supply issues with my third baby, I've almost given up that many times... I've started eating two of your yummy cookies a day and have gone from pumping 60mls in 20 minutes to ...
  • I was only able to pump around 30-50mls in 10-15mins session! The first 24 hours of eating ONE biscuit I was able to express 100-110mls in 5mins!!! After one week and eating one biscuit a day I...
  • I previously would have to pump 3 times a day to fill a 125ml bottle. I had one biscuit and pumped half an hour later and got 100ml from one breast in 10 minutes!!! Amazing!!! I can now start to...