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Why Boobie Foods?

Natural and organic foods created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation specialist – Pinky McKay, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Best-selling Author, TEDx Speaker and Media Commentator


Mothers are trying so hard to provide the very best for their babies but their efforts are often almost counter-productive: if you are constantly feeding an unsettled, hungry baby (whether this is due to real or perceived low milk supply or some other reason, such as a temporary appetite increase); trying to increase your milk supply by expressing between feeds (once you have finally settled your baby), as well as taking care of your baby - feeding yourself is often the last thing you can manage.

As I would visit mothers in their homes to help solve breastfeeding problems, I saw so many women who were suffering from stress, poor nutrition, and low breast milk supply. I have often shared my personal recipes with mums over the years, the reality is that most new mothers barely have time to make a sandwich, let alone cook nutritious foods for themselves. However, those who did make my foods raved about the results to their energy levels and their milk supply. And that’s why I created Boobie Bikkies®.

Pinky McKay is a best-selling author with four titles published by Penguin Random House including Sleeping Like a baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying, Toddler Tactics and Parenting By Heart.


"After returning to work 3 weeks ago my supply dropped I was starting to worry & stress myself out as I really didn’t want to start my daughter on formula I am pumping throughout the day at work I was just getting about 30mls each pumping session. Fast forward a week & a whole box of Boobie Bikkies® I pumped 300mls this morning. Yeah, 300mls - my milk has increased that much! I’m so grateful to have found this product, thanks so much for helping me keep my daughter in breastmilk. They have seriously saved my breastfeeding bond with my daughter, thanks so much." 


So, how can Boobie Bikkies® help you?

Boobie Bikkies® are a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. In cultures around the world, for generations, special foods have been prescribed after birth as an aid to breastfeeding mothers. I have researched these foods and the elements of traditional recipes to create my own special recipe for the modern breastfeeding mother.

And, because we now know that everything you eat will be passed to your baby, Boobie Bikkies® are made from all natural and organic ingredients with no GM foods, chemical additives or pesticides passing through your milk. By eating a varied, natural diet while breastfeeding your baby, you can feel confident that you are giving your baby the best nutrition possible.

Just grab and go because this time is precious

No matter how busy you are, whether you are trying to pump milk as well as feed your baby, whether you seem to be feeding your baby for hours on end, whether you are the busy mother of more than one child or you work outside the home, Boobie Bikkies® are a naturally nourishing treat that supports you as you do the most important job of all –nurturing and feeding your breastfed baby. Boobie Bikkies® are individually wrapped, so just throw a few in your bag and go wherever your busy life takes you. Best of all, you can eat them with one hand as you feed your baby (and you don’t have to make them yourself!)

Disclaimer: if you are concerned about your breast milk supply or your baby’s health, it is important to seek help from a health care provider and to get support for breastfeeding concerns from a lactation consultant, breastfeeding counsellor, child health nurse or GP.