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Natural and organic cookies created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert – Pinky McKay, to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby.



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  • I have a 36+2 premmie bub. I was Only making between 2-5ml. I ate some of your bikkies which boosted it to between 17-70ml and then I ate your cereal which made it go from between 70ml-130. I've ...
  • I started to stress out and considered stopping breastfeeding all together until i found boobie bikkies - the vanilla ones we both love! Thank you so much!
  • I was stressed and sad that I may have had to swap to bottle feeding after successfully feeding my other babies for 12+mths I got some vanilla cookies and boom the flood gates had opened once agai...
  • As a first time mum breast feeding didn’t come easy but after consuming 2-3 Boobie Bikkies over 3 day period my milk just went wild. I went from expressing 30mls to 120ml!!
  • "4 days of eating 2 bikkies a day combination of pumping every 3-4 hours, even though no milk was coming out sometimes, today at 2:30am i finally got 100mls from the left breast and 80mls from the ...
  • I have enough milk for my bub at nights now . I already share your product on my Vietnamese group community on FB. Ps : I like the idea that NO GLUTEN . NO DAIRY