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Boobie Bikkies® FAQ

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions.

We get asked lots of questions about our Bikkies, so we thought we would bundle up all the answers and share them with you all here.

How do Boobie Bikkies® Work?

Boobie Bikkies® are made from nourishing ingredients that have been shown to support a healthy milk supply. Foods that support a healthy milk supply are known as ‘lactogenic’ - lactogenic ingredients can help to increase the levels of prolactin (a hormone produced in the pituitary that influences milk production) in the bloodstream and potentially increase the quantity of breast milk produced.

Although there hasn’t been specific research on lactation cookies, there is evidence around the individual ingredients:

  • Foods rich in tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, help to boost prolactin levels. As serotonin levels increase, this can counteract dopamine which has been shown to reduce prolactin levels. This can explain why some mothers find they seem to have a lower milk supply later in the afternoon when serotonin levels are naturally lower. (Ben-Jonathan & Hnasko, 2001;Jacobson, 2007; Dopamine definition, 2004)
  • Foods containing polysaccharides, specifically beta glucan, found in oats and yeast are able to stimulate prolactin secretion and so raise prolactin levels in the blood. Lactation studies on rats and cattle showed beta glucan measurably raised prolactin levels in the blood and increased milk production.  Jacobson, 2007; Sepehri, Renard & Houdebine 1990
  • Other ingredients in Boobie Bikkies™ such as oats contain saponins (a sweet soap-like substance with immune stimulating and antibiotic effects). Saponins may influence production of hormones from the pituitary gland.  This may aid production of both prolactin (milk production hormone) and oxytocin (which helps milk flow), both of which are made in the pituitary gland.  (Jacobsen 2007). 

Although a lactogenic diet may support breast- milk production, it is just one tool, along with good baby to breast attachment, effective sucking and frequent feeding, in a bigger toolbox that can help with breast milk production. (Lieberman & Cassar-Uhl, 2011, West & Marasco, 2009)


How soon will I notice an increase in my supply when I eat Boobie Bikkies®?

Many women report a boost in supply the same day. Others report a more gradual increase over several days to a week. If you have concerns about your milk supply it’s always important to seek help to address any underlying issues such as baby’s latch and your own health /medical conditions that may create challenges eg thyroid and iron levels, PCOS, Diabetes, IGT (insufficient glandular tissue – red flags include a lack of breast development during puberty and pregnancy and widely spaced, tubular shaped breasts).

For tips on boosting milk supply, you can download our FREE ebook “Making More Mummy Milk, Naturally’


How many Boobie Bikkies® should I eat?

We suggest starting with two bikkies the first day and see how you respond then adjust from there. Most women eat one or two a day, others eat more and some women eat one just on busy days.  Boobie Bikkies® are individually wrapped so will stay fresh once the pack has been opened.


When is the best time to eat Boobie Bikkies®?

There is no specific time to eat Boobie Bikkies® but at first it’s probably a good idea to start eating them during the day and see how you respond so you don't wake up with bursting breasts if you do ‘over respond’.  However, Boobie Bikkies® are individually wrapped so will stay fresh if you want to keep them next to your bed for a midnight snack when you feel hungry after a night feed. And, at night your prolactin (milk making hormone) levels are naturally higher so this can be a good time to eat Boobie Bikkies® and have a drink of water.


Can I eat Boobie Bikkies® while I am pregnant?

Boobie Bikkies® are completely safe to eat during pregnancy, for instance if you fall pregnant while you are breastfeeding and want some help with your milk supply.


Will Boobie Bikkies® help my milk supply if I start eating them before I have my baby?

Most women start eating as soon after giving birth as they feel like eating. Your post birth hormones trigger your milk coming in (your progesterone levels drop), so we really don't know how helpful it is to start eating Boobie Bikkies® before you have your baby.   However, we have had women eat Boobie Bikkies® in the last weeks of pregnancy and say they helped with antenatal expression of colostrum. Antenatal expressing (and freezing small amounts of colostrum in syringes) can help avoid early formula, which can be the start of a slippery slope.  Here’s a blog link if you would like to consider this.


How long can I store Boobie Bikkies®?

We don’t use any preservatives in Boobie Bikkies®.  Our cookies are individually wrapped to maintain freshness after the box is opened. Shelf life is 4 months from baking. Please store your bikkies in a cool place to maintain optimal freshness.


Are Boobie Bikkies® gluten/dairy/soy/egg/nut free?

We know so many people have sensitivities to various foods and we can’t cater to everyone, although we try to cover the most common allergens. We make a Gluten and Dairy Free Variety of Boobie Bikkies® (see ingredients here), however there is a small amount of soy flour in the gluten free flour mix.  Most mothers find their babies tolerate this.  Our standard (Oat and Vanilla and Oat, Orange and Cinnamon) Boobie Bikkies® contain butter, which, of course, is also dairy but as this is dairy fat, not protein, unless there is a dairy protein allergy, it is usually tolerated without any ill effects.   

Because they are such an excellent source of protein that is necessary as part of a healthy diet to replenish your own body after growing, birthing and now feeding a baby, we use free range eggs (not an egg powder as in many commercial products). These eggs are laid by happy hens on a farm local to our bakery so they are super fresh and packed with nutrients.

Boobie Bikkies® recipes don’t use any nuts, but they are baked in premises that also bake products containing tree nuts. So, although our bakery is HAACP certified so must comply with strict standards to eliminate contamination, Boobie Bikkies® may contain traces of tree nuts.  You can check out the ingredients here.


How many calories/kilojoules are in Boobie Bikkies®?

Did you know that a breastfeeding mum  burns around 500 calories a day – just from breastfeeding?  Boobie Bikkies® have essential fats and whole grains to nourish you as you nourish your baby. You can see the ingredients lists and nutrition panels here. Our Organic Oat and Vanilla and Organic Oat, Orange and Cinnamon Boobie Bikkies® have 567kj (135 Calories) and the Coconut Date and Seed (gluten and dairy free) Boobie Bikkies™ have 599kj (143 Calories). 


Do you use fenugreek or other herbs in Boobie Bikkies®?

Boobie Bikkies® don't contain any herbs or medications, just natural and organic whole food ingredients. Although many people recommend fenugreek to boost milk supply, there are a number of contraindications: if you are allergic to peanuts or chickpeas, you may also be allergic to fenugreek; fenugreek may exacerbate asthma; fenugreek can reduce blood glucose levels so isn’t suitable for women with diabetes and may cause reduced blood sugar levels in premature babies (through your milk); fenugreek can influence conversion of thyroid hormones so may cause issues with thyroid levels or conditions; fenugreek is also a uterine stimulant so is not recommended during pregnancy.


Why don’t you make chocolate chip Boobie Bikkies®?

You eat Boobie Bikkies® to support your milk supply, but instead of having a contented baby, chocolate could give your baby a belly-ache! Chemicals in chocolate can make some babies very unsettled or wakeful. According to our consultant dietician, even white chocolate contains amines (chemicals that can upset sensitive babies). Besides, we want Boobie Bikkies® to be as effective and nourishing as possible so by adding a percentage of chocolate to the ingredients, we would be reducing the nutrition and the lactogenic ingredients. If you want chocolate, just go and get yourself the very best chocolate you can find, try a small treat after you have fed your baby and see if it affects him.


Where do I buy Boobie Bikkies®? And how quickly do they arrive if I order online?

You can order Boobie Bikkies® online HERE  or see our stockist locator. All online orders are processed within 48 hours (business days) and sent by Australia Post or via Courier from Melbourne. For more information about shipping please click here Shipping Information.


How does a subscription work?

If you order a Boobie Bikkies® subscription online, we send you five boxes of Boobie Bikkies®  each month and charge you until you cancel your subscription. This is a cheaper and more convenient option than buying single boxes and means you won’t run out – you have so much to think about already.  You can cancel your subscription at any time, there is no obligation to sign up for a certain period. But please make sure you cancel your subscription 5 days before the next order is due so your cancellation has time to clear our system.


How do I contact Boobie Bikkies®?

If you have questions or need to check with us about your order, please email

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