Hello, just want to say a huge Thankyou! I started Boobie Bikkies the day after giving birth, they are absolutely delicious! I was t"old that due to having surgery and nipple repositioning that most likely my milk ducts wouldn’t be attached and breast feeding from this breast in particular would be unlikely! I was hoping it would boost my supply in my other breast enough to solely breast feed!

Wow... not only has it boosted my supply in my ‘good breast’ but I have literally what feels like an unlimited supply in my side that I have had surgery! I cried so much just from being so happy!

I just want to say a massive Thankyou for creating something so delicious and convenient that has helped me so much! I always grab a Bikkie in one of the night feeds, it makes getting up so much easier! And I do actually look forward to it, knowing I get this little reward