"My milk supply suddenly dropped after I switched my 6 month old son from breast to bottle because I needed to return to work soon and as I was busy with house chores I couldn’t pump as often.

It was so low that no milk was coming from the right breast and only 20 to 60 mls was coming out from the left every pumping session. I was so desperate as bubs wasn’t getting enough milk and he refused any formula I had offered him as a substitute in between pumping. I went out and bought the coconut date and seed flavour Boobie Bikkies from chemist warehouse and it has been 4 days of eating 2 bikkies a day combination of pumping every 3-4 hours even though no milk was coming out sometimes, drinking 1-2 glasses of water after every pumping, and eating pork and ginger soup to warm up the body, today at 2:30am i finally got 100mls from the left breast and 80mls from the right! "