Thank you for these amazing bickies, I was a little skeptical at first that a bickie would increase milk supply.

My little one Ollie is almost 4 months and I've always had plenty of milk, probably too much as Ollie used to cough and splutter as it came out so fast and after almost 3 months he would be done in max 15 mins. He generally only cat naps during the day but was sleeping 4 to 5 hrs between feeds at night really well.

About a week ago I noticed everything changed, he was unsettled at night and barely making 3 hrs between feeds before waking hysterical, he began feeding for almost 40 mins then falling asleep which is unusual for him, my let down was taking a long time and more often than not he would become extremely frustrated and not interested.

Seeing the nurse once a week we went to our usual visit and I was ready to ask 100 questions about what was happening, we put it down to maybe a growth spurt but when we weighed him he had only put on 60g as opposed to the recommend 100 to 150g a week.

I then started to question my milk supply, so thought I would give Boobie Bikkies a go, surely it couldn't hurt, plus you had gluten and dairy free bickies which was a bonus because Ollie is sensitive.

I had two on the first day and within 24 hrs my breasts were fuller, let down was faster and Ollie was back to feeding for 10 to 15 mins and happier within himself, then the nights came and he was also back to longer sleeps and not waking up crying they really worked and I'm so happy I can continue to breastfeed I was beginning to consider formula feeding.

The best part is today going to the nurse he has put on 400g in a week, thank goodness. I will definitely be recommending these bickies to my friends who are all having babies and thank you so much they've been a lifesaver.