That Liquid Gold.

I have been lucky enough to be able to feed my little Rugrats. Even luckier to not have had any issues such as mastitis or anything, bar a little attaching issues at the very start.

But recently as I’ve started trying to express some milk for when I go back to work, I noticed a couple of times after the babies come off my nipple that there is only a slight dribble if I squeeze it, leaving me wondering if they have even had enough or it just ran out. I’m almost out of my placenta caps and have been rationing them. I thought this might be the reason my milk was dropping off then I heard about these bikkies and holy shit.. they definitely work.

There is milk galore. Touch my nipple after they finish a feed now and it goes off like the shower hose.. just wanted to put it out there any mums having issues or worried about their milk supply get these bad boys they have keep my babies happy and I am back to being a stress free mumsie. - Juanita Cremer @neatie_neats