I just really want to thank you! Our little boy came into the world exactly 3 weeks ago and I was really struggling to feed as he was born with a tongue tie. I bought a pump after 4 days of trying to feed with (cracked nipples, blood blisters and excruciating pain) and pumping wasn’t working much better for me either. I was lucky to get 1.5oz out of 2 breast and that was after pumping for for half an hour and literally squeezing every drop out. My baby was feeding so often as he wasn’t satisfied, and I wasn’t sleeping. I was exhausted, sore and felt inadequate. I nearly gave up and bought formula, but I decided to drive 40 mins to pick up a box of boogie bikkies (I hate waiting for parcels) and I had one cookie and I was able to feed straight from the breast without pain and then pump 4oz after a feed! That’s from 1 bikkie! Thank you so much!! I really can’t say how happy I am to be able to feed my bub the best way for us.