Hi just wanted to share with you what an amazing effect your bikkies had on my milk supply! My baby girl became fussy in the past few days and was snackfeeding which made me think I might not have enough milk for a full feed. So I started pumping (felt really uncomfortable!!) and got around 40ml out of the 'milky boob' and only around 10ml out of the 'not so milky boob'. I bought your bikkies in a chemist last night and had one at 7pm. This morning when my baby girl woke for her night feed at 4am I started pumping my 'not so milky boob' and could not believe it! I got almost 90ml out!!! I was really sceptical if 'biscuits' could make such a huge difference like all the reviewers said, but I'm stunned! With such an increase after only one bikkie I will trial to take them every second day now! Thanks for inventing Boobie Bikkies