***MAGIC BISCUITS ***** This is my first child that has taken to breastfeeding,it is difficult, mainly expressing as she was a premmie,…I've had 2 other children where I gave up on breast feeding as I would be lucky to produce 15/20 mls & that's with taking medication recommended by doctors. I got fed up so i gave up. But not this time.....i had read all sorts of good things about these "Boobie Bikkies", & i thought that so many mothers cannot be lying, so I decided to give them a go. My daughter (Scarlett) needed all the help she can get & breast milk is probably number 1. She is 1 week old now & stacking on the weight. Boobie Bikkies now help my body provide 60/70 mls per expression session. So Im very happy . Here is a picture of my milk that I collected over the weekend, to you peeps it may look like nothing but going from 15 to 20 mls each boob per express to 60+mls per boob. started eating 2 bikkies a day for the first week just to kick my hormones & milk supply into gear. Good luck ladies, i only wish this was around 8 years ago with my other daughter. It has a special ingredient in them just like kfc,Whatever works,....& BOOBIE BIKKIES WORK!! My baby is getting stronger every day, thanks Boobie Bikkies, no more prescription drugs to enhance my lactation. Im a single pensioner & I manage to afford them, so you can too, at 1 bikkie a day……easy.