When I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Sophia I lost almost 900ml+ of blood. With a rarer blood type I was not given a transfusion, just fluids and so much medication to clot my blood while I was in surgery; this resulted in me developing hives all over my body for 12 weeks. Was told to take antihistamines which, combined with an over active thyroid affecting my milk supply, I was online researching products. That's when I found Boobie bikkies. So this is for you the person who has come across this product who is not quite sure whether to purchase it or not; DO IT, IT WORKS. It works so well that the midwife who came to see us after a couple of days was amazed my daughter didn't develop jaundice as 99% of babies who are born with forceps and have a RNH negative mother will develop jaundice. But my little Sophia had plenty to drink. So much so that she was only 3kg when she was born by 6 weeks she was 5.3kg then 7.5kg by 4months. She will be 6months in a couple of days and we are still going strong. Thank you is simply not enough.

Jhinos Monzavi