This Product is Truly Amazing. I didn't think it would do much for my supply but, seriously, I only had to eat 3 Bikkies, one a day and BOOM.....I started spraying my 8 month old in the face when feeding again. I purchased the Boobie bikkies because as I'm breastfeeding, my breasts have become quite uneven and visibly different sizes and I'm surprised that they have worked. Ok my Breasts aren't perfect due to feeding my two beautiful children but you can see after eating these Bikkies they are improving. I could rave about the Bikkies allllll day seriously. Even that they are individually packed, they are easy to grab and pop in your bag, eat in the car. Having two young kids it's hard getting time to sit and eat breakfast so I've just been grabbing a ‘Bikkie’ and away we go! X

I love love love this product and I will tell everyone I know about it. Thank you for making them. Xo Bec