On the 21st of March my son was born. 19 days later my best friend and her husband had a little boy at 19 weeks named Corey, who lived for a mere two hours. I was absolutely devastated for them and couldn't stop thinking about Corey.

I decided I would start expressing in the hopes of donating my milk to the milk bank to support my friend and help premature babies as breast milk can increase the survival rate of premature babies by 70 percent. 

For me, although expressing is tiring, time consuming and at times painful I felt it was the very least I could do. I wouldn't have been able to do this as successfully if it wasn't for Boobie Bikkies, which I've eaten during the process to ensure I keep my milk supply up. This is a photo of almost 10 litres of milk which is being dropped off at the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital on Tuesday.

S.J Clacker