Last night I sat up and cried all night, I was down to my last EBM bottle and my little man was being extra fussy and hungry. I was in a panic stressed that I wouldn’t be able to feed him through the night and today. I rushed out this morning defeated and bought a tin of formula, after visiting woollies I went into our local health food store and happened upon your “boobie bikkies” I bought them on a whim, I had no real expectations but I was desperate.

I came home and ate one bikkie, well four hours later and I have pumped enough milk for THREE bottles!!!!!!

I’m happy to say that tin of formula is still sitting on the bench unopened!!!!

Thank you! Thank you so much, I had resigned myself to having to formula feed this morning, I was defeated and inconsolably upset but your miracle bikkies have given me new hope. Tonight I’m going to bed happy knowing my little man will have a full tummy and I don’t have to stress about my supply.

Ps these bikkies taste AMAZING!!! I was so worried about the taste, I was picturing it would be like the flavour of those meal replacement bars and shakes, but instead I can sit down in the morning and enjoy a bikkie and cup of tea!