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Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay June 19, 2021

Postnatal depletion can happen whether this is your first baby or a subsequent child and this depletion can be an accumulative process – you conceive a baby, grow a baby, birth a baby then breastfeed, then throw in some sleep deprivation and the emotional stress of adjusting to this new role along with unrealistic expectations that you should be able to manage this all on your own

Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay August 25, 2020
Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby, but it often doesn’t come naturally at first. It’s helpful to understand that just like learning a new dance, you and your tiny partner can take a little while to get ‘in step’ together. As you learn how to hold your baby comfortably, your little one has to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing – but with practice and patience (and perhaps a little help from a professional, such as a lactation consultant), breastfeeding really does become easy and natural. Here are 10 common boobie traps and tips to beat them.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay August 04, 2020
What happens when you have a pair of boobs, leaking milk and Mama brain? Some messy – and funny – tales. We asked our Boobie Mamas to share their funniest breastfeeding experiences and although they may not have seen the funny side at the time, in hindsight, their stories have made them (and us) laugh. Just in case you need a grin right now, see what’s really happening in the land of boobs and babies:
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay July 08, 2020
You have most likely heard all sorts of advice about when and how often to feed your baby. It’s confusing isn’t it? Breastfeeding according to your baby’s signals, not the clock, is more compatible with your baby’s needs and it will support a healthy milk supply. Breastfeeding is also a lovely nurturing tool and it isn’t only about hunger – if your baby is exposed to a bug, for instance, your baby will increase feeds to gain a boost of immunity from your milk.....
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay June 08, 2020

Getting used to your newborn is such an intense time as you recover from your birth experience physically and emotionally and there is a lot of trial and error as you work out what is best for you and your baby. The thing is, it’s ok to take a few short cuts and, as a mum of five, there probably aren’t many I haven’t tried – some were helpful, some not so much. Here are my top hacks to make things easier for you and your new baby.

Posted in Breastfeeding Press & Media By Pinky McKay February 19, 2020
A mum shared her relatable parenting moment to Twitter, but not everyone found the photos of her newborn funny.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay February 16, 2020
For decades we have known that the foods we eat do pass into mothers’ milk and we have research to show that various elements impact babies’ health and development.When mothers understand the impact of their own diets on their breastfeeding experience, more women who choose to will be able to breastfeed with greater confidence.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay February 03, 2020
Nicole, mum of twins shares her top twin breastfeeding tips.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay January 28, 2020

You are exhausted, you are recovering from growing and birthing your beautiful baby. And no, he doesn't sleep ‘all night ‘ yet (in infant sleep studies ‘all night’ is defined as five hours).

If even five uninterrupted hours sleep sounds like a dream come true and the pressure to ‘teach’ your baby to sleep for much longer right from the early days has you doubting your mothering skills, your milk supply and your baby’s ‘goodness’ take heart.Your baby isn't being a dick if he wakes every couple of hours through the night wanting a boob.

Check out these five fun facts you need to know about night time feeds – they will settle all those niggling doubts and help you believe in your self, your baby and your boobs.

Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay January 18, 2020
In some babies, the little membrane called the frenulum, which joins the middle of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, is too tight and ‘ties’ the tongue so that the baby has difficulty moving his tongue effectively. This means that the baby will be unable to bring his tongue forward far enough to latch onto the breast and draw the nipple far enough back into his mouth to feed well and he won't be able to form an effective seal around the nipple of either a breast or bottle so he is likely to feed noisily, suck in air as he feeds and tire easily while feeding.
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