I’ve been really lucky with my breastfeeding journey, my little guy latched on straight away and my supply had been great, I could feed him on one side in the and pump a whole bottle (150ml) on the other.

My little guy is 5 months now and for the last couple weeks I feel like my supply is quite low especially in the afternoons (I’ve heard that could be normal) and I haven’t been able to pump anything extra, I’ve tried different types of food “good for breastfeeding” which didn’t really help so I decided to try Boobie Bikkies as I’ve read and heard great things about them.

I’ve received my free samples and I had 1 bikkie at lunch and that at afternoon I could feel my supply was much better! He was less fussy in the afternoon and I felt a lot better as I was worried I would have to switch to formula which he’s never had. Definitely recommend Boobie Bikkies!