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By Pinky McKay | March 22, 2018

Congratulations, having your first baby is so exciting as you prepare to welcome this new little person.

 You will be bombarded with tons of advice. While everyone is trying to be helpful by sharing their own hard earned wisdom, they probably won’t share these five things that you really need to know. Just so you don’t worry, ‘are we the only ones who ‘suck’ at this?’ let’s bust this conspiracy of silence – you really have got this!

By Pinky McKay | March 07, 2018
At Boobie Bikkies, we are a business run by women, for women. We celebrate a woman’s ability to breastfeed her children every single day and feel passionate about helping women during their breastfeeding journey. And we are proud, super, super proud to be women in business, and women leading business.
Posted in Breastfeeding Weaning By Pinky McKay | February 19, 2018

Around the middle of your baby’s first year, that is at about six months, your baby will start showing signs that he is ready for family foods: he will be able to sit up in a high chair or on your lap; he will have lost the tongue thrust reflex (that protects him against choking in the early months, but also means food gets thrust out of his mouth, rather than swallowed); he will be watching you closely as you eat and probably reaching for your food  - but being able to grab objects and put them into his mouth is an actual sign of readiness ( after all, even young babies will watch you and may reach for food).  Your baby may seem to suddenly be more hungry but not satisfied by extra milk feeds over a period of several days.

See how, when and what to help your baby transition from breastfeeding to family foods

By Pinky McKay | February 19, 2018

We are all aware of the nutritional needs needed pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy, but post pregnancy nutrition tends to be forgotten about. Feeding our bodies with adequate nutrition post pregnancy while breastfeeding will help our bodies produce healthy milk for our babies, as well as help mums feel better.

Registered Dietician Tammy Kacev  shares her top 5 foods for breastfeeding mums. 

Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | January 31, 2018

Taking care of a baby is a full time job in itself – well, without the lunch and tea breaks and, most of the day, without a coworker to laugh with or bitch to when the going gets tough. And, did you know that even the most easy going baby takes at least nine hours of ‘hands on’ care each day (and night)?

It’s time to cut yourself some slack and take care of yourself or all your efforts to be a ‘good mummy’ are at risk of being high-jacked by mummy burnout.

Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | January 12, 2018
Generally, breast size doesn’t matter. However, there are some medical conditions that can impact milk supply regardless of breast size and for a small number of women, size and shape can be an indicator that there could be challenges to milk supply
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | December 21, 2017

It’s your baby’s first Christmas. It’s exciting but also a bit overwhelming too as you try to plan the big day with family and friends.

Hopefully, if you have a newborn, you haven’t put your hand up to host the day, but this means you will be a guest at somebody else’s house and this can present other sorts of stress. Check out our survival plan. 

By Pinky McKay | December 15, 2017
It’s your first festive season since you had your baby. You haven’t had a drink since you knew you were pregnant but now you are wondering, how much can I drink while I am breastfeeding? Will alcohol pass through my milk to my baby? And, how can I drink safely if I do have a glass or two? We have the answers for you.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | November 30, 2017

Breastfeeding has been going well: your baby is thriving and happy. But now you are returning to work and feel sad at the prospect of weaning your baby.

Take heart, returning to paid work doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding. Your baby can enjoy the health, immunity and nutritional benefits and you will still have that unique connection through the one thing that only you can do for your baby  - snuggling him close as he drinks your milk.

Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | October 08, 2017

It’s stinking hot. You are sweaty so is your baby. He keeps grizzling and signalling that he wants more ‘boobie’ . He’s obviously thirsty so you wonder, should I give him a drink of water?

Not only do you not need to offer your baby water in hot weather but it can be unsafe: giving water to newborns can affect your milk supply and your baby’s weight gains and for all babies under six months, giving water can dilute the sodium in the baby’s bloodstream to the point where a potentially life threatening condition known as “oral water intoxication” develops, and this can lead to symptoms like low body temperature, bloating, and seizures.

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