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Natural and organic lactation cookies created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert – Pinky McKay, to help you with your breastfeeding and your natural milk supply.





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  • "Not only did they taste amazing I finally felt extremely full within a few hours of eating 2 biscuits!"

  • I noticed a difference within the next day!! Going from only expressing 30 to 40ml to filling the bottles and now having an overflow of milk supply!"

  • I have only eaten a few bikkies and already loving the results!! Thank you so much to Boobie Bikkies for boosting my breastfeeding journey with my daughter. Love it!!

  • Your bikkies are a lifesaver! I had severe supply issues with my 2 daughters and now I have over supply and my son is only 5days old and has already put on 170gramms since leaving hospital ...

  • I was struggling to produce milk in the hospital while my son was in the Nicu I started having 2 biscuits a day and I have now been able to supply enough for every feed and no supplementing with...

  • "By the end of the day and taking two bikkies my milk supply went from 60ml to 120ml. That’s after a feed! "