• I just really want to thank you! Our little boy came into the world exactly 3 weeks ago and I was really struggling to feed as he was born with a tongue tie. I bought a pump after 4 days of trying to feed with (cracked nipples, blood blisters and excruciating pain) and pumping wasn’t working much better for me either.
  • I got a box of vanilla boobie bikkies to help with my supply because I struggled so badly with my son . My daughter had very low blood sugars and wasn’t getting enough energy to drink for herself either and once I was having my bikkies she was getting enough to raise her sugars.
  • Before eating Boobie Bikkies, my milk would severely decrease in the afternoons and I would struggle keeping my 7 week old satisfied, expressing in the morning and then playing catch up. Now she is much more settled in the afternoons and I am able to keep the expressed milk for times when I go out.
  • I bought two boxes (split with a friend who had a five week premi as we both wanted to try them and she was struggling g with her son putting on weight… Mine put on 350gm+ first three weeks and 700+ in the last ten days!) I had two today about six hours apart and suddenly it hit… I was a bit dehydrated and hadn’t eaten much today but the milk was pouuuuring!