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By Pinky McKay | August 18, 2017
Just as with any medication, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, women should be advised of all possible contraindications so they can weigh up risks versus benefits and make choices accordingly. It is particularly important when you are breastfeeding or pregnant that you are aware of any side effects that may be harmful to yourself or your baby.
By Pinky McKay | August 17, 2017
Managing feeding times when you have a toddler as well as a newborn can be especially difficult because it takes so much time in the early days. Try these tips to support your toddler and make feeding your newborn easier:
By Pinky McKay | August 17, 2017
Whatever the reasons for offering bottles, there are gentle ways to do this that won’t compromise either your own or your baby’s breastfeeding experience. For instance, some babies will find the fast flow of a bottle much easer than breastfeeding so will refuse the breast – this can be heart breaking for you. So let’s discuss how you can offer your baby a bottle respectfully, without stress or risking your breastfeeding experience.
By Pinky McKay | August 11, 2017
Jessica Smith was born without a left arm. As a teenager she represented Australia for swimming in the 2004 Paralympic Games, and as a young adult she broke free from depression and an eating disorder and now she is an internationally recognised advocate for positive body image, an author & storyteller as well as a loving wife and mum to a toddler, with another baby due soon. Jessica shares how motherhood has been a huge learning curve, not only because of her physical challenges, but in reaching out and asking for help. She says, “my whole life I have adapted and worked out ways to do things but I thought, I honestly don’t know how I am going to do this?"
By Pinky McKay | August 02, 2017
Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby, but it often doesn’t come naturally at first. It’s helpful to understand that just like learning a new dance, you and your tiny partner can take a little while to get ‘in step’ together. As you learn how to hold your baby comfortably, your little one has to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing – but with practice and patience (and perhaps a little help from a professional, such as a lactation consultant), breastfeeding really does become easy and natural. Here are 10 common boobie traps and tips to beat them.
By Pinky McKay | August 02, 2017
However long you breastfeed or how much breast milk you are able to give your baby, this magic milk is like medicine for your baby - see what benefits you have given your baby at 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or longer.
By Pinky McKay | July 28, 2017
When it comes to producing milk, it’s common to have one breast that is a better milk maker than the other. It’s no fun though, when one breast becomes much bigger than the other and your baby favors the ‘good’ side, perpetuating the extreme lopsided look.
By Pinky McKay | July 22, 2017
Learning to breastfeed so it becomes natural and easy can take a few weeks or longer, just like learning a dance with an inexperienced partner who also needs to learn the steps (coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing). Soon, breastfeeding is mostly a sweet interlude in your days and nights, as you snuggle together and drink in that sweet baby breath and stroke his fine skin as he fills up on your mama milk. But, at the risk of sounding like a Debbie Downer, even when breastfeeding is going pretty smoothly, there are a few things that suck, big time ....
By Pinky McKay | July 15, 2017
In perfect circumstances, colostrum should be every newborn’s first feed, however there are medical conditions and issues for some mothers and babies that may mean infant formula is offered to newborns. One way to see that your baby is less likely to be offered formula in this important newborn period, is to express and store colostrum during the last weeks of pregnancy.
By Pinky McKay | July 09, 2017
How you feed your baby is a hot trigger for unwanted comments from random strangers so maybe you can print this out and share as your own personal FAQ when they offer their unsolicited two cents worth.
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