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By Pinky McKay | June 26, 2017
In some babies, the little membrane called the frenulum, which joins the middle of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, is too tight and ‘ties’ the tongue so that the baby has difficulty moving his tongue effectively. This means that the baby will be unable to bring his tongue forward far enough to latch onto the breast and draw the nipple far enough back into his mouth to feed well.
By Pinky McKay | June 25, 2017
To make expressing easier , take less time and boost the amount you pump, check out these effective techniques.
By Pinky McKay | June 25, 2017
She’s a world champion athlete, has competed in both Summer and Winter Olympics, won two senior World Titles and 4 Commonwealth Gold medals but for Jana Pittman, breastfeeding has been ‘the hardest thing I’ve ever done.’
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | June 15, 2017
Your baby is irritable, grizzly, hates lying on his back, spits up or vomits often, has hiccups constantly and he is a nightmare to feed: he starts to feed voraciously, then he wriggles, squirms and ‘throws’ himself off the breast or when he isn’t doing this, he wants to be permanently attached to your breast.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | June 15, 2017
It’s common for young babies, especially, to ‘cluster feed’, meaning they feed very frequently or almost continuously over a period of a few hours. This can happen at any time of the day but it is common in the evening and can mean that as your baby feeds almost constantly, your breasts feel ‘empty’.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pink McKay | June 01, 2017
Your breast milk is LIVE! Just like human blood, breast milk is a living fluid containing a range of germ killing substances, healthy bacteria, antibodies, white blood cells, antimicrobials and cell wall protectors and proteins that offer protection against bacteria and viruses.
Posted in General By Pinky McKay | May 02, 2017

As you carried your baby in your belly, you dreamed of an instant connection between you – just like the soft focused television ads. He would instantly know you are his mother, the one who will protect him and love him forever and he will love you back. You will be his special person, the one he loves more than anyone else in the whole world.

Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | April 24, 2017
“When I’m breastfeeding, I get a weird tightness and sore tingly feeling like really strong pins and needles in my boobs – tell me they aren’t going to drop off.” Oh dear, I realized that although my daughter had been around while I breastfed her younger siblings and had been immersed in breastfeeding ‘talk’ since she was a small child (I am a lactation consultant), I had completely forgotten to mention the ‘letdown reflex’ to her. Or, maybe she hadn’t really absorbed this bit of information because it didn’t apply at the time.
Posted in Breastfeeding By Pinky McKay | March 30, 2017
It seems as though there is almost a campaign of scare-mongering against breastfeeding. Recently, there has been a barrage of reports on social media of breastfed babies being ‘starved’. While my heart goes out to any parents who have lost a baby, I find it even sadder that the parents will bear the burden of guilt that they could have starved their baby.
Posted in News By Boobie Bikkies | November 02, 2015
Candice Warner flaunts burgeoning baby belly as enjoys afternoon stroll with daughter Ivy Mae and husband David – with Boobie Bikkies!
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